After the Webinar

Thank you for joining and listening to our webinar! We have created this page as a resource for  you as you begin or continue your journey with essential oils.  We mentioned many products during the webinar and here are many of them for you to check out. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Modern Essentials book. This popular hardcover book is truly one of a kind. Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is perfect for anyone looking to know more about essential oils and how they can be used in everyday life. Whether you are a beginner or 

long-time essential oil user, this book is designed for you.


Enrollments Kits.  These are our favorite!  Each kit is selected carefully and with you in mind.  Some bigger than others, each offer effective options to improve your healthcare. Click here to see all the options.





Recieve Wholesale pricing and other perks by enrolling with your own DoTerra account now.  There are 2 ways to enroll.  .  Or give us a call at 801-410-0009

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